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This page provides links to choral music publishers and composers who have complete or sample scores available for viewing or downloading. Generally these are PDF (portable document format) files, and some sites give you the opportunity to listen to sound files in any of a range of formats. In some cases music notation software files can be downloaded.

Note that to view and print PDF files you will need to have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be obtained, free of charge, from Adobe’s web site. Click on the button below to download Acrobat Reader:


Some sites have Sibelius files that can be viewed, played and printed using Sibelius Scorch software which can be downloaded free of charge. Click on the button below to download Scorch:


Other sites, particularly sites from Germany, have scores in Capella format. These can be viewed and printed with Capella Reader which can be downloaded here:


Please respect copyright

Until a piece of music has passed into the Public Domain, you must always assume that it is subject to copyright under whatever legislation applies in your country. Many of the links from this page will take you to web sites that contain works not yet in the Public Domain and Festival Singers of Wellington urge you to respect the rights of the copyright holders.

The publishers and composers represented on this page are doing their bit to help bring choral music to you in the most cost-effective way possible.

Please ensure that any copies of music that you make are fully authorised.

And also a reminder to those who do download material from these sites – please let the composers know that you have done so and send them the details of any performances. For most composers who put their work into the Public Domain and publish it on the World Wide Web this is the only way they will get to know that their music is being performed.

Keeping this page up-to-date

Please if you:

  • Are a publisher or composer of choral music and you have works available for download or purchase via the Internet, with the URL of your download site and a short (about 50 words) description of your service. There is presently no charge for a listing on this page. If you would like to update details about your choir or to add new choirs to the list.
  • Have a favourite choral music download site that is not listed here
  • Find any broken links on this page

Festival Singers reserves the right to remove any entry without prior notice to the website owner. We will not link to sites with irritating pop-ups.

The Links
A large supplier of unaccompanied choral music – both scores and recordings. Some scores are available for download as PDFs and samples (up to three pages) of these can be viewed on the web site – then order on-line and your complete score will be available for download for 5 days.

Abbie Betinis, composer (Abylon Press)
This self-published composer from Minnesota, USA, presents her compositions and arrangements for SATB, SA, and TB chorus as audio samples (mp3) and scores (PDF), along with several reviews and performance notes. Print out and mail an order form, or send Abbie an email to order.

Acadia Early Music Archive
A very interesting collection of early music (not all choral) and associated scholarly work edited by Gordon J. Callon of Acadia University, Nova Scotia. Downloadable scores are in a variety of formats. Please read the “Conditions of Use” very carefully.

Alcove Music Publications
 This site, also, is not a true “download” site but provides low resolution jpeg of the first (and sometimes second) page for perusal. Ordering options, including email are given. Delivery is by snail mail.

Annie Bank b.v.
Dutch publisher offering a wide range of choral music, some of which can be seen as sample pages as PDFs. A list of agents in several countries is given; email contact for those countries not listed.

Arenaï Ensemble Vocal
This ensemble makes available its database of vocal music of the “French” Renaissance – but please read their copyright notice at the bottom of the page. PDFs, MIDIs and some facsimiles.

The Music of Hector Berlioz
A Berlioz resource including many full scores of major works in Sibelius and Scorch format prepared by Philip Legge.

Biblioteca Virtual Musical
A Venezuelan site with choral compositions and arrangements by South American composers. Scores in PDF, Finale (as .zip files) and some Sibelius formats. Also MIDIs. En Español. Click on “Descargas” link for downloads.

Michael van Breemen
 Modern choir compositions and arrangements – some close harmony. Single page samples in .jpg format. Fill in a form to initiate purchase via email. Scores supplied will be PDFs.

Music of Spanish composer Javier Busto. .pdf extracts only of scores available for perusal, but complete works can be purchased via an (insecure) order form for delivery by the postal system. English – y Español – versions of the catalogue.

Camerata ad Libitum
Music of Julio Dominguez, Javier Busto and others. En Español but much information also available in English by cursoring down to “Idioma” and choosing “English”. This is much more than a choral score/partitura download site – Glossaries, courses, forums, articles, submit your own news, etc!

Canasg Music Publishing of Scotland
An independent web-based publisher offering new arrangements of traditional songs from around the world, new settings of poems in Scots and English, and other original songs. PDF samples and MIDI files for every song are on the site and some can be heard performed.

Cantate Music Press
Choral music, from new editions of classics to works by respected contemporary composers. First page samples (gifs) only; use the form on the site to place orders for postal delivery. No on-line payment.

Canticum offer published music and sound recording services, specialising in organ and choral music. We have a growing number of free downloads of both the score and a short recording for items from our catalogue.

PDF and midi files of Gregorian Chant, Polyphony and choral motets in Latin and Spanish from the Catholic Church of Puerto Rico’s Ponce Diocese. En Español.

Cantus Quercus Press
Presents an extensive choral catalogue with viewable GIF samples. Hard copies can be ordered on-line. Includes choral works of Biebl, Villa-Lobos, Pollet, Skeels, Jordahl and many others.

CCARH Publications
The Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities makes available for educational institutions, churches and non-profit performing groups a selected range of choral scores, full conductor’s scores and instrument parts by Bach, Handel, Mozart, Vivaldi and Rovetta. Some VERY large PDFs here.
Offers free sheet music for worship. Needs free Scorch plug-in to listen to and print music. Organ, piano, choral.

M. Ryan Taylor’s site for free sacred choral music for LDS / Christian Church Choirs. PDF files.

Distinguished/accessible reproducible music for choirs with limited resources. View PDF samples of Brahms, Fauré, and more. Purchase price includes licence to make unlimited copies for one organization. Purchasers agree not to lend/hire to others. Music delivery via e-mail or snail mail.

Choral Music of C. F. Boyd
Compositions available to choirs to photocopy with the proviso that “no commercial publication be made without the consent of the composer”. Scores are in .gif format and have a MIDI rendering, but hard copy scores are available by mail (free of charge!).

Choral Public Domain Library
Offers downloads of choral works in the public domain at no charge. CPDL now [Sept 2004] has over 7,800 scores listed (with about 200 being added every month). Also, over 60 free choral web sites are catalogued.

Christian Choral Music Shareware

Christmas Songbook
An online collection of over 100 public domain Christmas songs. Four part arrangements in GIF format and also MIDI files. The collection is edited by Christopher R. Baker.

Christopher Tradgett – Original compositions
Has some free pdf downloads and midi sound files of compositions, as well as some more complex works for sale. Order hard copy versions via secure server.
Is a new “store” offering downloadable files of music for choirs, soloists, and instrumentalists from major publishers, including LifeWay Music, Fred Bock Music, Kurt Kaiser Music and many more. View entire score, hear MIDI playback. Needs Scorch.
Free downloads of public domain choral scores (PDF), MIDIs and MP3s. Also WTune, free downloadable software that will check intonation but also performs a spectral analysis of the note sung/played. WTune requires Win2000 (with directX8 installed) or XP.

Coppini Edition
A new (1998) edition of Aquilino Coppini’s early 17th Century collections of madrigals by Claudio Monteverde and others. PDF files designed to be printed as an A4 book, complete with introduction, historical notes, sources, editorial principles, etc. Edited by Hens Peter Jacobsen.

Copypack Music
Provides hymn arrangements for choirs by Roy Rummler that may be copied; one copy serves the entire choir. Several titles have orchestral accompaniment available. First page of music viewable as lo-res GIFs; Order on downloadable PDF form, or use PayPal; delivery by email or snail-mail.

An Internet music publishing house for contemporary music which publishes the works of its composers free of charge on the internet and will send them at cost to musicians and all of those interested. In English und auf Deutsch.

Corale Quadriclavio
The web site of a choir in Bologna, Italy, which has a number of downloadable choral scores in PDF files, along with separate voice parts in Noteworthy format. In English, e in Italiano.

Award winning arrangements and compositions by Boston based Chad Weirick for all types of choirs, from A Cappella to Jazz, church choir to high school and community chorus. Scores are available for purchase as PDFs and for immediate download, some with MP3 sound files.

Daniel Jencka
Mainly keyboard and ensemble music, with just one choral work – in several different settings, but all, except an a cappella setting, with chimes. In Scorch (Sibelius) files.

David McCarthy’s Music
The Web site of a composer in Rochester, NY. Sample pages and MIDI files of anthems and other music for church use are available for SATB and 2-part mixed, with the full pdf and license to copy costing $5-$10.

DemiQ Music
An online sheet music publisher of choral, vocal jazz, opera, rare orchestral classics, and unique new works. Customers download sheet music to their computer and print it on their printer. Formats: Sample files of each piece of music in Acrobat PDF format. Recordings in either MIDI or RealAudio.

Distinctive Notes
Musicals, choir anthems, vocal solos, piano music. All music has been successfully used in a church ministry setting. If you have found it difficult to find musicals that break from the cantata form and music that fits your budget, check us out. Preview PDFs; MP3 samples; online ordering.

Doveton Music
On-line publisher of 60 choral arrangements and compositions by Robin Doveton (many done for The Scholars of London vocal quartet) plus selected a cappella works by other composers from 16th-19th C.. Viewable low-resolution samples. Order PDF scores with a licence for limited copying. Some printed copies available.

Fresh Ayre Music – J David Moore
New compositions and arrangements, many samples of which can be viewed in PDF and/or heard as MP3s. Many works can be ordered on an on-line order form; others through email request. A link from each item takes you to the appropriate form.

Gladde Music Publications
The Choral Music of California composer, Bradley Nelson. SEE musical scores in .gif or .jpg format and HEAR midi or streaming (RealAudio) audio files of each selection. Listen to a performance while thoroughly examining the score. A printable form is available for mailing your order.

Grace For All Publications
A company publishing Christ-centered music arranged in traditional styling that the average church and Christian school choir can easily sing. Offering unique selections of music with soul-winning themes for missions conferences or mission emphasis weeks. Also instrumental music. View (but don’t copy) PDFs; order hard-copy online.
Includes choral music, original hymns, vocal solos with piano, and others. Most of the music on this site is free, and most of it is general Christian-themed.

Greg Scheer Music
Free Praise music and hymns in PDF format and other choral arrangements (PDFs) available for download with a fee paid if actually used. Other choral material available on e-mail enquiry.

Hamblen & Hamblen Music
Praise and Worship songs with scores – some melody, some choral – in .gif format and many with midi sound files for review.

Handlo Music
Has over 6300 choral scores on its list (end December 2006), and additions every month month. Specimen pages are viewable. High-quality PDFs can be purchased (via encrypted credit card payment), and a licence is given for a purchaser to freely copy as many as required for his/her own (amateur) choir.

Hartenshield Group Inc
Publishes music by William Copper including the new “Lovelife Dances”, a major song cycle for chorus SATB and piano, four hands. Several sample score pages and MP3 audio excerpts are available.

The Hill of Songs – La Colline au Chansons
Two music lovers – choral singers, composer and conductor – living on a hill near Tours in France. See GIF versions of scores and send an email for a free high quality version. In English et en Français.
Not really a choral download site, but has a large number of public domain hymns with their words, a midi file and a piano score that, in many cases, will serve as a choral score.

Ictus Music Share
Downloadable choral sheet music. Original compositions and arrangements of hymns in public domain. Piano compositions and arrangements also available.

John’s downloadable Midi File Choral Music site

Play or download midifiles created by English tenor chorister John Hooper.

Karl Kohlhase
Contemporary Christian music; includes a selection of choral pieces for free download. Note: this site uses Javascript functions which render it uninterpretable by some older browsers.

Kay Seamayer
Just one recently written and published song…”Let Freedom Ring” – after 9/11 – arranged for SATB/Piano/Instrumental Accompaniment by Anne Albritton, Dallas.

Kentaro Sato
Choral and other scores, mostly available in Licensed PDF. One license is $0.50, but consider that more like donation than cost. “Getting financial compensation from my works is nice, but I would be happier if my pieces help you or your group to be musical”.

Kurt Sander’s Orthodox Choral Music
Original compositions and arrangements of Orthodox choral music. Free download allowed for liturgical and educational use. PDF files.

Lambton Publishing
Arose out of the extensive choral experience of the Managing Editor, Felicity Ward O’Brien and is set up for short-run digital publishing on demand. Site still under development and not everything functions properly yet.

Laurence Armstrong Hughes
Not a download site, but this British composer presents a selection of his work in Sibelius format for playing and viewing in Scorch; enter via the “My Scores (Sibelius)” hyperlink. Purchase enquiries can be emailed.

Is perfect for ward choir directors, young women, music fans, and more. Has a PDF sample page from each item in the catalogue; on completion of a PayPal transaction the entire item is available for immediate download. Also has a monthly “free download”.
Includes choral music, original hymns, and vocal solos with piano. This music (and the site) are specifically geared toward members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Linda Spevacek’s Choral Music Web Site
This site contains much of Linda Spevacek’s work (a lot of it available for download as PDF) and much more!

Lux Nova Press

Not a download site, but PDF samples of the first page of scores are available for viewing and printing, and purchases may be made via a secure server. Many titles by Mark Gresham.

Christmas Choral Selections

Magnolia Arts Sheet Music
Choral octavos, arranged or composed by Tim Brace. You may freely download them (.pdf format) and, if you like them and wish to keep one, send $10 to Magnolia Arts.

Manfreds Notenpool
Mainly 19th Century and earlier choral church music transcribed into Finale files by Manfred Hößl. Many also available for purchase as PDFs on a CD. This link is to an English site; there is also a version auf Deutsch.

Manuel Angel Viro
Original compositions and arrangements in PDF. Click on “Obras”. Partituras originales y arreglos. En Español

Mauro Zuccante
Is an Italian composer on whose web site is a small selection of his choral music in PDF format. Da queste pagine è possibile scaricare liberamente alcune composizioni in formato .PDF. In English, e in Italiano. Also some .MP3 files.

Musica Anglicana
New Anglican Music web site, created by Devon, UK, composer Phil Hughes, provides a forum for new congregational and choir-based sacred music and “grass roots” composers. Hear most items (MP3) and download some for free (PDF). Others available for small charge for Dr Hughes’s local church.

Musica Viva
A small selection of choral scores in .gif format. Part of the Free Sheet Music Archive

Originele a-capella arrangementen voor gemengde koren en ensembles. In Dutch, but English version soon – a cappella arrangements of mainly popular music available for email order. One song is available for free download (.jpg format) in any period.

The Music of Wayland Rogers
See selected samples of first pages of pieces from the catalogue of compositions and print these for perusal. Complete scores are available for purchase by mail or email.
An extensive music resource with choral music and much more from the major music publishers. The first page of most scores can be downloaded as either a JPEG or a Sibelius Scorch file. Order complete scores through a secure shopping basket.

Music to the World
Exists to make quality Worship Music available throughout the world subject to conditions of use stated on the site. As well as PDF files of choral arrangements and of instrument parts, there are MP3s (including backing track), streamed audio, OHP slides and Powerpoint presentations of lyrics.
Has some public domain choral music that can be downloaded and a much larger inventory of hard-copy that can be ordered on-line.

New Arts Press of Perth
Produces choral works edited by Anthony Maydwell from original sources chiefly from the Late Renaissance. Sample PDF pages viewable; Order complete copies by email.

Online Music-Library
A large source of choral and other music in PDF and Capella format available for free download to registered users. Registration is currently USD29 per year (May 2006). Credits can be gained by introducing new members or contributing music. Upload your own performance for others to hear.

Osborne Music
Richard Osborne offers new instantly printable sheet music for devotion, meditation and worship. You may listen to and print all desired scores with absolutely no charge for non-profit use. Scores in Sibelius Scorch format.

Patrick Huber
Download PDFs at no charge from this French composer’s page on Copy-Us Internet Music Publishing.

Paul Ayres
London, UK, based composer and arranger. An extensive catalogue of choral and other music, for much of which sample PDF pages can be viewed. Free complete PDFs and in some cases Finale files can be requested. Order by email.

Paul Stephan – Composer, Coach, Musical Director
Sacred and secular SATB choral music by Paul Stephan. View and print PDF files; hear midi. Refreshing, original settings placed in the public domain by the composer.

Primrose Music
Offers a small, but growing, selection of arrangements of secular pieces for choirs and small vocal ensembles. Samples can be viewed and listened to and orders placed (with PayPal for those outside the UK) for complete arrangements, available via links to PDF files.

Red Castle Publishing
Original music (mainly, but not entirely, for children) and arrangements by Andy Duinker and Donna Rhodenizer. Sample (gif) pages of a few scores can be viewed and there are many sample MP3s. Most song lyrics can be viewed. Online ordering of printed versions.

Reflection Christian Music
Contemporary Christian music in .gif format with midi sound files which play automatically (so turn down your speaker volume!). Mostly melody only, but one or two harmonized arrangements.

RoDeby Music
Free Church music in the traditional vein. Arrangements and original compositions. PDF, some midis and MP3s.

Arno Rog’s sheetmusic/bladmuziek page
Choral and instrumental scores in PDF format. Some are large zipped files. Includes Rog’s own arrangements and original works. Mainly in Dutch. Files are available for free download, but only for personal use. Commercial distribution is not allowed.

Rossleigh Music
A wide range of music including Northumbrian folk songs as well as choral repertoire with midi files and sample melody scores in .gif format. Some choral music playable in Sibelius Scorch.

Russian Orthodox Church Musicians
PDF files of music from the repertoire of the Synod Cathedral Choir of New York City. Text of all music is in Russian and in CYRILLIC typeface

St Christopher Music
Music for Catholic Liturgy – A preview/download site featuring the compositions of Chris A. Hawley. One- or two-page reviews of several original choral masses and hymns are available in PDF form, and full scores can be requested.

Sally DeFord Music
Has a selection of choral, solo, duet and instrumental arrangements of hymns for free download and non-commercial use.

Selah Publishing
Choral and other music for church use available in PDF for review only. There is an on-line order form for delivery of scores by snail mail. Very comprehensive cataloguing system allowing selection from various categorized lists, including Lectionary matching.

Sestino Macaro
Free download of scores and MIDI files of Italian choral and children’s music. Scaricamento gratis di partiture e MIDI files di musica per coro e per bambini italiana.

Sheet Music Online
Choral and other sheet music available by download and snail mail. PDF files of public domain music and .jpg file samples of copyright works.

Stefan Scharring
Songwriter, composer, jazz pianist, church organist and physicist from Germany. A most imaginatively presented site with scores available in Capella format and as PDFs with performances in MP3, Auf Deutsch and in English.

Stephens Music
Sacred choral music by Joseph Gentry Stephens. View and print PDF files; hear midi. Original settings placed in the public domain by the composer. Some scorch files and MP3s.

Downloadable sheet music in PDF. En Español. Navigate to desired genre, etc through “Categoria” and press “buscar”. A sample page can be viewed by clicking on “Descárgate GRATIS una muestra”. Online purchasing requires a password.

de Victoria, Tomás Luis
Compiled by Nancho Alvarez, this site is presented as “a tribute to Tomás Luis de Victoria” and contains not only PDF scores and MIDIs of all his works, but also facsimiles of many of them in jpg format. It also has scores from other Spanish composers. Note that the above link is to the English version, some of which is still under construction. La versión original en Español está aquí

Bulgarian Folk Music Online. Folk, Contemporary and other choral music. View sample PDFs and order via secure (PayPal) server for delivery as PDFs. Receiver of PayPal payments has a Canadian email address. The site contains a Bulgarian pronunciation guide.

Werner Icking Music Archive
A continuation of the GMD Music Archive (q.v.).

Inspirational hymns and contemporary, fresh SATB choral introits and responses for choir and congregation by Mr. Whitney Myers. PDF files. Free use in your church for worship.

Wilbur Skeels
Free downloads of congregational worship songs. (In gif, but PDF can be requested by email) All copyright W Skeels or Cantus Quercus Press.

Web Library of 17th Century Music – a service offered by the Society of Seventeenth-Century Music. It presents new editions of seventeenth-century compositions that have remained unpublished or that are not available commercially. Access is free, provided the Conditions for Users are observed.

Word of Life International
This source of Copyright licences for church music in the South Pacific area now has the first pages of hymns from many publishers available for viewing as PDF and an online ordering facility for high quality PDFs of the entire work.

Yelton Rhodes Music
Publish lyrical music with a message that promotes inclusiveness and tolerance… A wide range of choral and other vocal music with sample PDF pages for perusal. Downloadable order form for faxing or mailing.

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